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Compare hotel proces Internet Cafes Comic Book Cafes Manga Kissaten Price:Around 800 yen to 1,compare hotel proces compare hotel proces 500 yen per night (5 to 8 hours) I stumbled upon this option onedesperatenight, having missed the last train home. The only hotel compare hotel proces in sight was a Hilton, and since compare hotel proces that was beyond my budget I took to the streets.
As luck would have it, there was acomic book cafeinternet cafe, which compare hotel proces are known as manga kissa () or manga kissaten in Japanese, right down the street.
I compare hotel proces hotel compare prices compare hotel proces walked into the dark building and was greeted by a large room filled with computercubicles, nerdy-looking guysand shelves upon shelves of comic books. The receptionist told me it would be compare hotel proces 1500 yen for a five hour stay with a private cubical. This also included unlimited access to the comic books,a shower, compare hotel proces andall the soda I could drink.
I was sold.I grabbed a Calpis, took monterey plaza hotel discount a quick look at the comic books, and then headed to my cubical to check my e-mail.
The cafe was surprisingly quiet and since my cubical had a verycomfy chair, soI was easily able compare hotel proces to fall asleep. A number of internet cafeshave along stay option, where you can go in and out of the internet cafe freely if you pay a set amount per week or month.
Ive been told that a small number of internet cafeseven have beds.
I did not take advantage of the shower, but I now feel like a more worldly person for the experience of sleeping in an internet cafe.
Next time you find yourself without a place to sleep,ask around for amanga kissa.
Hostels Price:From free to about 6,000 yen per night The traditional refuge of the traveling poor (read: students), hostels are great places to stay in Tokyo.
Personally, I mostly useHostel compare hotel proces Worldto biltmore hotel discount book, but there are a ton of other sites, so be compare hotel proces sure to shop around.
Unfortunately, Ive heard compare hotel proces that the hostel community in Japan just isnt as vibrant and the travelers arent as social as in many other parts of compare hotel proces the world.
Overall, Ive found Japanese hostels to be clean, well-staffed, and quiet (if thats what you prefer). As with anyaccommodation, its a good idea to check the reviews, hostel rules, and location, since there are a few bad apples, hotel compare rates a few rather early curfews, and a few hostels that are far away from tourist sites. If you are familiar with hostels, you may know about the compare hotel proces practice of volunteer work exchange, where you compare hotel proces do cleaning or other tasks at the hostel for a small, set amount of time compare hotel proces in exchange for a free or reduced price lodging.
Just to clear up any confusion compare hotel proces about tourist visas ahead of time, theMinistry of Foreign Affairs of Japanstates that a tourist visa covers stays for tourismetc. However, please contact the hostel and immigration ahead of time to make sure of requirements and details. Volunteer for GuesthouseHostel Accommodations (Tokyo) 3.
WWOOF Japan (and Other Volunteer Accommodations) Price:5,500 yen for a one year membership Less anaccommodation, more an experience.WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms and is a volunteer work exchange program.
You work compare hotel proces at a host familys home, business, or farm on average about 6 hours a day, 6 days a week (although this varies with the host) in exchange for food andaccommodation.
The membership costs 5,500 yen for one year, and having paid that fee, you get access to the online list of hosts looking for volunteers. The two months I compare hotel proces spent WWOOFing in Japan were among the most amazing times cheap hotel accommodation in prague of my life. Many of the hosts are organic (or striving-to-be-organic) farmers, and farm work isnt always easy.
However, the hosts often take compare hotel prices uk the volunteers to famous sightseeing spots, parties, or other interesting events and cultural experiences, and it is a great way to meet people who like to travel a bit off the beaten path. There compare hotel proces are other websites and programs similar to WWOOF Japan, which arent as extensive as WWOOF, but still seem to have a lot to offer. Camping Price:From free to about 8,000 yen per night When you think of camping, this is possibly what most people imagine: bringing a tent or camper to a campground, renting an area to place said tent or camper, and spending fun times with your familyfriendsloverdog. Indeed, there are places like that in Japan as well.

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