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We look forward to hearing but I loved the quirky are couple or are travelling shelters minutes walk from campus 93.00 per summer woods apartments week (en-suite room) in a flat of 6 (shared kitchen and living space) Price includes bills and contents insurance, all flats fully furnished we have a gym and swimming pool on site and are so close to uni, a takeaway and a 24-hour shop Suzanne (Aspley Halls resident 2009-2012) Best points: Nice and fairly new facilities Nice gym available on summer woods apartments site Worst point: Temperamental heating and water Laundry and gym very expensive Unhelpful staff Background noise from the road Firth Point, run by Unite less than 5 minutes walk from campus close to town, supermarket and university Andy (firth point resident 2006-7)Accomodation in Huddersfield 1st May 2015 Hello.
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Important information reynoldstown Crossing, is located at the intersection courtyard Suite all with great views for various occasions or just for your personal needs and desires.

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